“Young helps old” not only on the cell phone

Under the motto "young helps old the young list (JL) ebern visited cafe wagner on friday. According to her own statements, she took two hours to answer questions about cell phone operation. In a relaxed atmosphere they answered questions of the seniors. How to record a video with your cell phone? How to disconnect media from the phone again? According to JL, older people in particular often have problems here; every additional operating option makes the handling of the device more complicated. Members of the young list explained, for example, how to turn the sound up and down or how to delete several pictures at once. Some of the seniors were given instructions on how to use the device, in the traditional way, on paper.

Praise for the approach

The visitors praised the event. The junge liste therefore decided to offer further events in this direction and considered how a larger group could be reached.

With the motto "young helps old it’s not just about helping with technology problems, he said. The relaxed get-together also allows people to talk about other topics, thus creating an exchange between the generations. "In this way, we can have conversations that can be important and instructive for both young and old", the JL informs.

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